Adopt a Cow's frozen Jersey milk
Adopt a Cow’s frozen Jersey milk.

Chinese dairy brand, Adopt a Cow, launched a new frozen Jersey milk, the brand’s first frozen fresh milk. Jersey cattle originated from a small island off the coast of France known as the Isle of Jersey. Today, Jersey Cattle are among the highest-yield milk cows, and a single dairy Jersey cow can produce 10 times their weight in milk during each lactation, making them one of the best-producing cows. The milk of the Jersey cow is high in fat, making it an excellent choice for different culinary recipes.  

Adopt a Cow sets itself apart from other dairy brands by introducing an innovative marketing strategy. The brand has been promoting the concept of “good cattle brings good milk”, telling consumers that its products come from healthy, ‘happy’, and protected cows. The brand positioned itself as a premium brand, which pays high attention to the techniques dealing with milk, milk’s nutritious elements, and types of cows.  

Adopt a Cow had been working on entering the Jersey milk segment since 2019. Company’s delegates visited the Jersey Cattle pastures in New Zealand, Australia, and the US to study the Jersey Cattle’s life habits; later in 2020, the brand imported to China 3,000 Jersey cows from Australia.  

In April 2021, the company introduced room-temperature Jersey milk and educated consumers about the scarcity and uniqueness of Jersey milk. currently, the monthly sales of Adopt a Cow’s room-temperature Jersey milk have reached over 100,000 bottles. In fact, not many brands make frozen Jersey milk, and Adopt a Cow’s only rival in this segment is Bright Dairy. Bright Dairy’s frozen Jersey milk is priced at 45 yuan (~USD 6.7) per 800ml, while Adopt a Cow’s frozen Jersey milk is 40 yuan (~USD 6.0) per 800ml.  

Adopt a Cow has two strengths: abundant pasture habitat and an effective online marketing strategy. The brand can choose between entering the online low-temperature dairy market or targeting the offline market. Challenges remain, though, in product R&D and offline operation capacities; both need time, capital, and patience to be successful! 

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