Tea Stick, a functional tea brand incubated by Boohee (also known as Shanghai Mint Information Technology), officially launched the first batch of products, and completed its Series D financing in May, with a valuation of 2 billion RMB (US$308 million) after the investment.

Founded in 2008, Boohee is a health management company based in Shanghai and has become the largest DTC (direct to consumer) health food brand in China, with many product lines, such as meal replacement, coffee drinks, light snacks, and so on.

The incubation of Tea Stick was established after Boohee saw a huge opportunity in the tea market. The brand hopes to enter the young people’s segment with a new and fresh brand image, find more business growth opportunities and get some market share in the tea market. The idea is to build a brand with the foundation of tea + brewing + function + future.

The young consumers, mainly Generation Z, are the main target group for Tea Stick. They pursue health, recognition of sugar-free drinks and they are willing to pay a premium for a high-quality lifestyle. They love drinking tea with a convenient way to use it, but also expect the product to have unique health effects. Therefore, Tea Stick chose to start this market from a functional point of view, taking tea stick as the differentiator. The brand’s first product is a health tea stick, which consists of two types – Ginseng Oolong Tea and Red Dates Wolfberry Tea.

The two flavors come from the brand’s insight into the daily needs of consumers. Young people are under great pressure from work and study and staying up late. The brand developed Ginseng Oolong Tea with ginseng as the core nutritional element, which is more inclined to male customers, hoping that customers can recharge and store energy at any time. As for the Red Dates Wolfberry Tea, it is designed for young ladies and continues the classic healthy Chinese formula. Additionally, the brand adds collagen to enhance the product’s efficacy.

Tea Stick selects blue and red with high saturation to maximize visual attractiveness. In terms of its design, the brand integrates the concept of space science and technology to create spaceships, laboratories, and code element graphics to enhance consumers’ memory.

At present, these two flavors of tea sticks are available on Tmall with the price of 69 RMB (US$10.65) for 10 sticks. The brand will open independent stores and actively expand offline channels such as airports, railway stations, and high-end restaurants.

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