Chali, a Chinese teabag brand, recently completed hundreds of millions of RMB of financing, led by GGV, followed by Country Garden Venture Capital, Sina Microblog, and CEC Capital. CEC Capital has served as the exclusive financial consultant of Chali in this transaction. The new funds will be mainly used to speed up the deep processing technology innovation of supply chain and brand building.  

Founded in August 2013 and headquartered in Guangzhou, Chali is a high-end tea brand and also a specialized tea service provider in China. The high-end original leaf triangle teabag is the flagship product. Unlike general teabags, Chali selects the whole original leaf tea for processing to meet Chinese consumers’ expectations for high-end tea. With its full channel marketing strategy, Chali has established strong brand awareness, takes “Chinese style” as the cultural core of the brand, and carries out product upgrading and innovation continuously.

At present, Chali Teabag has 4 main product categories: herbal tea, fresh fruit tea, beauty tea, and traditional original tea, which provide diversified choices for consumers who have different taste or efficacy needs of tea. In terms of flavor, Chali provides multiple choices, such as Peach Oolong Tea, Litchi Black Tea, Pineapple White tea, and other mixed tea with fruit or flower fragrance. Regarding creative new products, Chali has launched products such as collagen peptide tea jelly, instant fruit tea block, ice fruit tea extract concentrate, cold brewing tea, etc. The series of milk tea sticks and Good Night tea gained lots of attention from netizens on social media.

Chali’s products are available on e-commerce platforms such as Tmall and with steady growth in recent years. For offline stores, the brand has opened 3 chain retail experience stores and entered more than 7,000 high-end hotels, such as Intercontinental and Marriott, more than 5,000 tea houses, more than 2,000 chain restaurants, and has a presence in retail channels such as Ole, Hema Fresh, and more.

As a new generation of FMGG tea brand, Chali has successfully developed a new consumer group and new market through brand and product innovation, showing its innovation strength in the tea industry in China.

In August 2019, Chali’s headquarters and its R&D, and production base has started its construction in Nansha District, Guangzhou. The company has also set up a laboratory together with the Tea Research Institute from the Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences to explore the standards of the Chinese teabag industry.

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