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In recent years, cheese has attracted a growing number of health-conscious young consumers, with an annual growth rate of more than 20%. One of the most popular products is cheese sticks, which is a result of market demand, pushing cheese brands to accelerate product innovation. Milkana, a cheese brand owned by the French dairy group Savencia, launched its first fruit-filled cheese stick, aiming to break out a new development path in the increasingly homogenized cheese stick market.

The new fruit-filled cheese stick has a strawberry flavor, made of fresh strawberries that are processed to jam and wrapped with cheese. This new product is preservative-free, rich in calcium and vitamin D. According to the company, the product is available on the brand’s flagship store in Tmall, China.

Savencia group, one of the famous cheese producers in Europe and worldwide, entered China in 1997 and is committed to developing China’s cheese market. With profound consumer insight and constant trials, the company has a clear strategic direction of developing children’s healthy snacks. As early as 2004, the company already launched the Milkana cheese stick, which has become a popular healthy snack for children in China.

The continuous expansion of the cheese stick market has attracted many brands; in 2018, domestic brands Milkground and Milkfly launched their first cheese sticks for kids, strengthening their attractiveness by adding a co-branding animation IP. At the same time, some long-established dairy companies, such as Mengniu Dairy and Bright Dairy, have also increased their investment in the cheese stick segment, building their brand image through TV advertising, offline media, online social media platforms, and other channels. At present, there are more than 40 active cheese stick brands in the Chinese market.

With more brands entering the market, more products will enrich the segment and bring consumers more choices. In terms of flavors, almost all brands have launched various flavors, including original flavor, fruit flavor, vegetable flavor, and more. At the China Dairy Conference 2021, Yili, Bright Dairy, and Sanyuan showed their latest children’s cheese stick products, featuring “sugar-free”, “organic”, and “low sodium” as the core selling points, adding trace nutrients such as DHA, vitamin D, and vitamin A.

In addition to cheese sticks for children, Milkana has also developed a wide range of innovative cheese products for different consumer groups. China’s cheese market has just started to grow due to product innovation. With the growth of consumer demands, China’s cheese market will have multiple categories in the future.

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