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Children’s healthy snacks brand “The Garden Band” has recently completed two angel rounds financing of 10 million RMB (US$1.57 million), invested by K2vc and senior individuals from the industry. The funds will be mainly used for product R&D, channel expansion, and consumer experience improvement.

Launched in mid-2021, The Garden Band provides delicious and healthy snacks, containing vegetables and fruits, for children aged 2 to 8. Young parents in the first-tier and second-tier cities in China who pursue high-quality food are the brand’s target consumers. At present, the brand has launched 10 SKUs on mainstream e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, including zero-additives real fruit and vegetable cookies, zero agricultural residue hawthorn lollipop, and more.

With the launch of the new 3-child policy in China and a new generation of parents, the children’s healthy snacks market is developing rapidly. Traditional snacks are usually heavy in oil, salt, and additives such as seasoning and flavors. Children’s snacks need to consider health and delicacy, nutritional elements, and reduction of oil, salt, and sugar. Food safety and health are the most basic and important requirements of children’s food. The Garden Band cooperates with well-known food factories in China and abroad to ensure the safety of the products, starting from the selection of raw materials up to the level of technology used. Additionally, internal R&D also cooperates with outside R&D experts, who have experience in various categories in the food industry.

In terms of product development, The Garden Band follows 3 principles: 1) Upgrading the health category; for example, the company spent half a year in research and development, and finally made a unique product with zero-preservatives by using medium temperature and constant pressure technology. 2) Food taste design – the team made great efforts in the multi-level experience of the products, related to the combination of the food ingredients. 3) Considering the needs of children aged 2 to 8, the brand is adding some beneficial elements to meet functional nutrition. In our previous news, we have mentioned that marine protein snacks were emerging in China market. We will see more and more categories of healthy snacks in the Chinese market.

The Garden Band will continuously launch innovative products based on technological know-how and high-quality service, aiming at winning the trust of the parents. The brand plans to expand to overseas market and explore more possibilities.

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