China’s first standard for children’s snacks - food tech news in asia

On May 17, China Food Association officially released the group standard of “General Requirements for Children’s Snacks,” which is China’s first standard for children’s snacks. The standard will be implemented from June 15.

According to the standard, it divides children into two groups based on age: 3 to 6 years old are preschool children, and 6 to 12 years old are school-age children. According to the growth characteristics of children of different ages, different key nutrient requirements are determined. For children’s healthy diet, the Chinese Children’s Snacks Guidance put forward the regulations of adding less sugar, salt, and oil; it also requires a limited value of sodium chloride, sucrose, and fat. In terms of packaging design safety, the standard requires that the packaging of children’s snacks should meet not only the national standards but also the design itself should consider the safety of the kids and not cause any harm in any way, such as cut injuries when opening the package, and other risks.

Meanwhile, the White Paper of Children’s Snacks Market Survey was also officially released, jointly formulated by China Food Association, Institute of Food and Nutrition Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tmall Food, BESTORE, and more. According to the white paper, with the economic and social development and the change of diet structure, the total consumption of children’s snacks accounts for about 21% of the total consumption of food.

In 2018, the number of Chinese children aged 3 to 12 years old was about 150 million. How to make snacks for these 150 million kids is both an opportunity and a challenge for any snacks producer. In our previous news, we have discussed the Healthy Snacks for Children and the French organic snack brand, Good Gout, eyes China’s expansion with healthy snacks for children.

At present, China’s snack market is in the early mature stage with huge market capacity. The size of the overall snack market is expected to reach 600 billion RMB (US$85.7 billion) during 2020. The segment of Children’s snacks is the most difficult to control. The brands in this segment need to fulfill the higher requirements after China’s first standard for children’s snacks was released.

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