Buffx launched new products - food tech news in Asia

Chinese functional food brand BuffX held a new product launch event in Hangzhou, with the theme of “Awesome! Chinese Functional Food”. Except for BuffX, Yichao Health, Bloomage Biotech, Tmall Food Fresh Division, Sirio Pharma, Yongan Pharm, China Healthcare Association, and Chinese Nutrition Society attended the event to jointly discuss the current situation and future development trend of functional food in China.

BuffX officially released the ‘Tmall little black box’, with three new products: 1) BuffX Class Wake-up Gummy, which contains taurine and caffeine; 2) BuffX Easy Good Night Gummy, each gummy contains 150mg of GABA; 3) Calcium BuffX, with a 2:1 ratio of calcium and phosphorus, and each ingredient contains 248 UI vitamin D3, which is equivalent to what is found in 250ml milk.

Behind these new products, are large firms, cooperating with BuffX to present better and more targeted products for consumers. Yongan Pharm, which accounts for 60% of the global market share of taurine, was contributing to the BUFFX Class Wake-up Gummy, which is suitable for young people going to school, going to work, driving, partying, and even playing games. Bloomage Biotech, which provides 86% of the world’s hyaluronic acid and produces GABA by fermentation, was also cooperating with BuffX. Sirio Pharma, which produces 3 billion soft candies a year, has teamed up with BuffX to launch a calcium product with good palatability.

For an emerging brand, consumer demand is crucial; how to attract consumers’ attention needs to rely on a lot of data analysis. In the process of “evolution”, BuffX creates new functional food products one after another based on the data from Tmall and Tik-Tok. By analyzing active search data on Tmall, BuffX found that “sleep” was one of the top three keywords searched by male users. It points out that sleeplessness is a big pain point. In our previous article, we have shared a report on – Sleeping Disorders and Food Supplements in China. BuffX’s sleep supplement containing GABA has been the top-selling product in the “sleep” category on Tmall since October 2020.

BuffX first entered the market in late 2020, by launching 5 functional candy products. The brand name BuffX is game-oriented. Buff is a gaming term that refers to the additional gain or improvement in PC games element, which can be defensive or offensive. The brand is using the spirit of gaming for its sales and marketing campaign.

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