Coffee brand Saturnbird launched new products - food tech news in Asia

The coffee brand Saturnbird, which makes quality instant coffee out of pure arabica beans, will launch plant-based milk products to bring new experiences and new flavors to coffee through super instant blending.

For the first time, Saturnbird will launch oat cereal drinks and low-sugar coconut milk during the Double 11 shopping festival this year. Consumers can enjoy oat milk latte and raw coconut latte with Saturnbird’s instant coffee. In terms of packaging design, Saturnbird adopts bottles with an inner diameter of 30mm, which is larger than coffee cans. The bottle capacity is 330ml and the filling volume is designed to be 275ml, the space left can make it easier for shaking and mixing the ingredients. The coffee powder can be poured into the bottle and blended according to the set proportion or according to personal preference.   

As for Saturnbird’s oat milk, selected Australian oats are combined with Saturnbird’s super enzymes™ technology and Multi Enzyme Combination™ formulations, creating an upgraded new flavor. It can be the best partner of super instant oat milk latte. As for the coconut milk, Saturnbird chooses selected Indonesian coconut milk, while reducing the sugar content as much as possible. Low sugar and special formula make the flavor of coffee together with the coconut taste better.

Saturnbird’s coffee products feature the brand’s unique brewing technology, claimed to be able to preserve the original flavor and scent of coffee beans. The brand’s instant coffee powder product using this technology can be dissolved at any temperature, not just in water, but also in milk, oat milk, and coconut milk. During the last Double 11 shopping festival, the brand was ranked #1 in the coffee category on Tmall after selling 20 million cups of coffee worth100 million RMB (US$15.48 million). The brand plans to launch these two new plant-based milk products during the Double 11 this year, trying to make another sale record.

Saturnbird Coffee adopted an online-to-offline retail strategy. We previously mentioned that Saturnbird Coffee opened an offline concept shop in Shanghai. We are looking forward to seeing the performance of the brand’s new plant-based milk products for the coming Double 11 shopping festival (November 11th).

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