Kouweiquan a domestic condiment brand in China - Food tech news in Asia

Recently, a new domestic condiment brand Kouweiquan has completed a Pre-A Series funding of 50 million RMB (US$7.7 million), led by Matrix Partners China, followed by KCVC and 42 Capital. The new funding will be mainly used for team building, product development, marketing channel, and brand building.

It should be noticed that Kouweiquan has just completed its angel round financing of 10 million RMB (US$1.54 million) in January this year, led by KCVC, followed by 42 Capital. The brand has successively completed two rounds of financing from angel to Pre-A Series in less than 3 months.

The first product of Kouweiquan to promote is enzyme soy sauce, which is different from traditional soy sauce. From a technical point of view, traditional sun-baked soy sauce generally adopts wild fermentation and high-temperature sterilization technology, while Kouweiquan’s non-sun-baked soy sauce adopts closed fermentation with constant temperature and nanofiltration sterilization technology. This is designed to keep more active nutrients, such as enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, etc. In terms of the taste, the taste of enzyme soy sauce is natural and delicious.

Mr. Wu Hao, the founder of Kouweiquan, has 20 years of working experience in the FMCG industry and has a deep understanding of FMCG products and channels. He believes that the current price of soy sauce in the offline supermarket is below 10-15 RMB (US$1.54-US$2.31), and it contains various food additives, which are relatively “old news” products. “Consumers have the right to understand and recognize that condiments should be nutritious as well as flavorsome. Every progress we make is beneficial to the public, our sense of mission and responsibility make us evolve rapidly,” said Mr. Wu Hao.

Kouweiquan domestic condiment brand in China - food tech news in Asia
New functional soy sauce from Kouweiquan; not only delicious but also healthy.

As an emerging domestic condiment brand, what is Kouweiquan’s view on the condiment segment in China? First of all, Chinese condiments can be divided into 3 stages in terms of taste: soy sauce with the basic properties is stage 1; soy sauce with the feature of “zero additives, organic, salt reduction” is stage 2; and the 3 stage era will focus on functional condiments, to make them not only healthy but also rich in more diversified nutrients. Kouweiquan is aiming at the development potential of condiment at stage 3, so Kouweiquan’s soy sauce is also rich in enzymes, additionally to zero additives. We can also see that “Zero additives” is also marked very clearly on the product label.

In addition to pursuing product quality, Kouweiquan will also be more ‘social’ and ‘younger’ in its brand content, so consumers can have a new experience, starting with the unique Chinese style design of the packaging, as well as co-branding with other products.

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