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Last week, Chinese fruit wine brand Putian Cool Drink announced that it raised tens of millions of yuan in its Series B financing, jointly invested by Yisan Capital, Oriental Fortune Capital, and Baohai Investment. Until now, Putian Cool Drink has successively raised 4 rounds of financing, with a cumulative amount of more than 100 million RMB. The new financing will be mainly used for supply chain, new product R&D, and brand upgrading.

Founded in 2014, Putian Cool Drink has entered the low-alcohol fruit wine market with fruit-brewed plum wine. Targeting young consumer groups, and especially female consumers, the company specializes in brewing plum following the ancient Chinese winemaking technique, creating innovative social alcoholic beverages suitable for cuisines including hot pot, BBQ, seafood, and desserts; this product line is positioning as “social wine for young consumers” and emphasizing a brand image of “natural”, “quality”, and “young”.

Putian Cool Drink is headquartered in Beijing, with its production base in Sichuan. The brand applies mountain springs water, and wild plums planted over 2,000 meters above sea level at Xiling Snow Mountain in Sichuan Province. The brewing method is a traditional 21-step process with a national patent. At present, the official retail price of Putian Cool Drink’s main product is 48 RMB (US$7.41) for 350ml plum wine. The brand has launched plum wine priced at 200 to 300 RMB (US$30.88 to US$46.32) for business scenarios, as an alternative to red wine and champagne. At the same time, the brand has also launched innovative flavors such as plum “tea” wine.

In terms of sales channels, Putian Cook Drink mainly conducts marketing and promotion through e-commerce and social platforms such as, Tmall, and TikTok. As for offline channels, the brand chooses catering stores with social attributes that young people usually go to. Additionally, the brand cooperates with some leading hot pot chains, creating “eat hot pot – drink Putian Cool Drink” as the marketing slogan. The products are currently available at nearly 20,000 restaurants and more than 20,000 supermarkets and convenience stores across China.

Last year we have shared a report about the Low Alcohol Revolution in China. Low-alcohol drinks meet the new drinking habits of Chinese young consumers. The market size of low-alcohol drinks, except for beer, is more than 20 billion RMB (US$3.08 billion) annually with a steady growth rate of 15%-20%.

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