Shewy signed with Aventura - food tech news in Asia

Aventura, a Brand & E-commerce accelerator focused on China’s consumer market, has signed a Letter of Intention with Shewy, a Swedish functional food brand & lifestyle company, to launch the brand in the Chinese market.

The initial stage of the cooperation will be focused on sales through Chinese social media platforms during Q4/2021, before further expanding the brand’s distribution and operation in the Chinese market. 1 billion people all over the world have low vitamin D levels; China and Japan are the key markets for functional chewing gum in APAC that can fill the gap in Vitamin D. Market growth in this region will be faster than the growth in other regions.

“We are looking forward to building a solid platform via our partnership with Aventura to offer Chinese consumers Shewy’s innovative, healthy and tasty products. China is a complex market with large potential and we see a high value in Aventura’s expertise in scaling brands in China. Consumers are more aware now than ever of what they put into their bodies and how these ingredients impact their looks and well-being. The modern consumer wants convenient access to health benefits. Our gum effortlessly fits into their daily routine,” said Caroline Meschke, CEO of Shewy.

Founded in 2018, Shewy offers a range of functional chewing gums with the vision to create a healthy lifestyle, providing consumers with crucial vitamins and active ingredients for their health and physique by boosting energy, the immune system, performance, beautiful skin, and much more.

The functional food market is growing rapidly in China as the young generation’s surging demand for various healthy and functional products is leading the consumers’ segments. Modern consumers are looking for products that offer health benefits. so there are more and more functional products available in the China market. In our previous news, we have mentioned that Boobee launched a functional tea brand with health tea sticks, and the Chinese functional food brand, BUFFX, launched functional candy in China.

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