GNC's new daily nutritious sachets
GNC provides daily nutritious sachets.

China’s health supplement market is fueled by different groups of consumers. The core consumers have shifted from old to young and middle-aged consumers. Additionally, foreign nutrition brands have been entering China’s health supplement market through cross-border e-commerce.

These two trends created new consumption concepts and opportunities. As more and more young consumers are seeking dietary supplements, such as minerals and vitamins, what better solutions should the brands bring to the market?  

Most leading brands are developing products targeting young consumers while emerging brands are trying to bring new product forms such as individualized nutritious products, functional gummies, and innovative probiotic snacks.  

Targeting different Chinese consumers, the health supplement brand, GNC Jiananxi (健安喜), launched a daily nutritious sachet line and announced its brand ambassador to be Ying Caier (应采儿), a famous Chinese actress. Different from traditional dietary supplements, the new capsules and troches are filled in small sachets and are designed for consumers of different ages.

One sachet contains five nutritious pills and capsules; two of them provide basic nutrition, and the other three provide targeted nutrition for consumers of different ages. For instance, 30+ consumers can enjoy a nutritious sachet contains collagen pill, glutathione capsule, and theanine blueberry, which are good for skin and eyesight.  

GNC’s product forms are not rare in China’s health supplement market. LemonBox and Unomi also focus on individualized products. These two companies conducted a survey on consumers’ life habits and nutrition needs to introduce suitable products for consumers. GNC’s strength lies in the possibility of large-scale commercialization.  

In terms of product R&D, GNC needs to group different vitamins, minerals, and other supplements to satisfy different consumers’ needs. This poses a challenge to the brand’s positioning and concepts.  

GNC has engaged in dietary supplements for more than 90 years and has laid a solid foundation in brand awareness, product R&D, and supply chain. In the future, GNC needs to engage in more market education and build more trust with its consumers.  

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