HEEKWAN brings different meatballs
HEEKWAN adopted “differentiation” strategy to enter the functional meatball segment.

HEEKWAN (禧丸 in Chinese), a meatball and frozen food brand, announced recently its successful fundraising of millions of yuan in an angel round. The investment will be used for R&D, strengthening sales channels, and building brand image.  

The company focuses on functional nutritious meatballs and is dedicated to providing products for specific consumer groups with different demands. The company’s products include beef balls, beef tendon balls, pork balls, fish balls, and cuttlefish balls.  

The Founder of HEEKWAN, Mr. Huang Haolong, was born to a family that has be engaged in the meatball business for 3 generations. However, his family’s business has never made it to become a commercially large-scale company or even a brand. Therefore, Mr. Huang studied the market thoroughly and conducted a large number of market surveys and analyses.

Mr. Huang has found that “differentiation” remains the core element that determines whether a company can become a brand name. Since then, Mr. Huang made the decision to build a meatball brand that preserves the craftsmanship spirit and the traditional flavors, while providing differentiated products for consumers.  

Be it men or women, old or young, Chinese people just love convenient meatball products; however, the current products in the market cannot meet consumers’ specific needs. For instance, children like to eat meatballs, but most meatballs are large and can easily cause choking. Besides, those meatballs contain monosodium glutamate and beef tallow, which raise concerns among parents who are more health conscious; sports enthusiasts also like meatballs, but the current products have a high content of carbohydrates and fat. 

HEEKWAN’s team has been exploring consumers’ specific needs and decided to develop individualized products. Currently, the company has three meatball product lines: meatballs for children, meatballs for sports lovers, and meatballs for the elderly.  

Meatballs for children are small and made of lean beef meat, Tricholoma matsutake powder, and vitamins. This way both flavor and nutrition value are improved;  

meatballs for sports lovers are made of lean beef meat and chicken breast, zero-sugar and low-fat;  

meatballs for the elderly are low in sugar and are low-fat, containing high-quality beef tallow with improved taste and flavor.  

Meatballs had a long history in China, and HEEKWAN’s “differentiated” strategy is a good move to enter the functional meatball segment. We are looking forward to HEEKWAN’s performance and will keep bringing related news to our readers.  

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