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Future krop, a high-end plant-based brand from Denmark, made its debut at the 4th China International Import Expo, presenting barista oat drink for the first time and bringing a new experience of Nordic oat drink products to Chinese consumers.

Future krop is a subordinate of the Danish dairy company Mille Food, focusing on promoting more nutritious, healthier, and natural dairy products and plant-based products worldwide. Mille Food is a global strategic partner of the Danish national badminton team. The company is committed to providing safe, healthy, and nutritious food and related products for children and families around the world.

Mille has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for many years with its brands, including Moohko, MØKO, MOKO, MilleHolm, and more. The company has entered more than 10,000 maternal and infant stores in China and has flagship stores on Tmall, JD.com, and other online platforms. From 2018 to 2021, Mille has participated in CIIE for each consecutive year. This time, the company introduced its brand-new high-end plant-based brand, future krop, at the expo. In addition to oat drinks, there are also oat ice cream, oat flavor drinks, and oat desserts, all were on display at CIIE. Future krop will promote the brand and product applications in different channels in the future.

The raw material of the barista oat milk is made of 100% Swedish oat, harvested in the current season and processed near the origin fields to ensure its freshness. The barista oat drink is suitable for coffee, tea, or baked cakes. Future krop’s 1L barista original flavor and the chocolate flavor will be launched in China in early 2022.

Future krop will also focus on the R&D and production of various oat products in the future. The brand will launch oat powder, oat cereal bars, and oat yogurt products to meet the needs of B2B and B2C channels. The brand pays great importance to the Chinese market and has established its own plant-based marketing team and R&D team in China.

For the Chinese market, “plant-based” is not a new concept. Plant-based drinks are relatively low in saturated fatty acids and cholesterol, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber, and have other nutritional advantages. Therefore, plant-based drinks have become a healthier diet option for a healthy lifestyle.

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