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Recently, Adopt A Cow, a famous Chinese dairy brand, launched a cheese sticks product line with a cheese content exceeding 51%, which is 3.4 times the Chinese national standard. The standard stipulates that the amount of cheese added in processed cheese should be more than 15%.

In 2014, the Founder established the first modern ranch in Hebei province and officially founded the cutting-edge dairy brand “Adopt A Cow” in Hangzhou in October 2016. In the current situation of fierce competition in this industry, dairy companies need not only to control a stable and good quality product but also need to develop a marketing voice. Adopt A Cow tells a compelling story, more than any other dairy brand. “Milk will be good only if cows are well fed.” “Just for a glass of good milk”, “Music for the cows”; are some of the brand slogans.

While telling a good brand story, Adopt A Cow also has high requirements for product development and production. The 51% cottage cheese stick is a good example.

Processed cheese is made from natural cheese, which undergoes a series of operations such as shredding, melting, stabilization, and shaping, and then turns into cheese. In addition to the high cost, natural cheese has poor taste, hard texture, and short shelf life. Through heat sterilization, processed cheese with a stable taste and easy storage can be made into various dairy products.

To bring better snack choices to the market, the cheese stick produced by Adopt A Cow has been upgraded by several factors; the first upgrade is the cheese content mentioned at the beginning. It is 3.4 times higher than the Chinese national standard. One cheese stick is equivalent to three ordinary cheese sticks. The second is to use raw milk instead of water, which not only increases the rich milky aroma of the products but also improves the nutritional value, raising the calcium content per 100g to 588mg. This calcium level is equivalent to 5 times of milk; 117.6mg of calcium can be obtained from only one cheese stick.

In parallel to the calcium increment, the sodium content decreases significantly. The calcium-sodium ratio of ordinary cheese sticks in the market is 1:1; the calcium-sodium ratio of the new product is increased to 2:1. When eating this new cheese stick, no need to worry about excessive sodium intake. At the same time, the new product also adds vitamin D, taurine, and other ingredients to improve the overall nutritional composition of the product.

According to the official announcement, the ingredients of the new cheese sticks performed very well. New products from Adopt A Cow always get a good market response. However, as long as the epidemic lasts, it will take longer for this cheese stick to be recognized by the market. Let us wait and see.

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