The Year of the Tiger gift box - food tech news in Asia

In the Chinese tradition, when celebrating the new year, one needs to dress in new clothes – In with the New and Out with the Old! Leave all the old stuff behind and get ready for new things to come. So, in this New Year of the Tiger, let’s see how F&B brands are offering new ‘clothes’ for their products.

The first area where we can witness the new year’s atmosphere is the product itself; a lot of red and gold creates the right impression and invite the consumer to grab the product from the shelf. It can be plain water or expensive whiskey – everyone needs to participate in this celebration!

Tiger CNY - food tech news in Asia
Hanshui created a traditional visual language on the water bottle with many Chinese symbols that capture the importance of the Chinese New Year.

This is just plain water from Hanshui, but look at the beautiful ‘clothes’ the bottle has with many traditional symbols that steer the right emotions and make you purchase the bottle, even if you don’t open it.

And how about this beautiful bottle from Carlsberg? The leading beer brand joined forces with some creative artists in China to present an amazing artistic bottle that captures the significance of the new year – 2 ribboned tigers because everything should come in pairs!

CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
Carlsberg took a step further and cooperated with professional local artists to create this magnificent beer bottle.

This brings us to the second area where brands have to show their creativity – giving gifts to family and friends! This is a very traditional habit in China, as much as purchasing Christmas gifts anywhere else in the world. The gift cannot be cheap, and the packaging should show the content’s value.

Here are some examples:

CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
Meijian green plum wine is reviving the national drink and the traditional Chinese drinking culture in this red and gold gift box.
CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
The four major brands of Mars Food are united, and the six chocolates symbolize six blessings. 

From wine to chocolate, from tea to coffee, everything is dressed up!

CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
This orange tiger skin package is wrapped with short velvet, and it feels like a cat licking your hand.
CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
In the Year of the Tiger, JP. CHENET donated money to protect the habitat of wild Siberian tigers, and launched a new limited edition gift box,

We can only admire what Disney did for Chinese New Year; after all, they already have a character ready just for the year of the tiger! Tigger from Winnie the Pooh fits the job description perfectly, and the package calls for anyone to buy it and make any kid happy.

Disney in CNY - food tech news in Asia
Tigger is obviously the perfect Disney’s representative for the Year of the Tiger.

The third area is maybe the most interesting; the box is so nice and flashy, why not make it also functional? here are 2 examples.

CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
A cute house-shaped box is turned into a cat house after consuming all the goodies.

This box looks nice and cute, but after you take out all the goodies, you can offer your cat a new home for the new year. After all, a cat is the closest relative to a tiger that you can still keep at home.

CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia

And how about this lucky ball machine? this is inspiring…

CNY Tiger - food tech news in Asia
The lucky ball machine is filled with tiger-shaped candies, making the holiday fun and delicious, all in one box.

No doubt, F&B products during the holidays need to be more than just delicious; everything is shiny and sparkling in China, whether you visit the local supermarket or surf your favorite online store.


祝您 新春快乐、万事如意、虎年大吉、如虎添翼 !

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