JUST introduces plant-based kitchen - food tech news in asia

JUST introduces Future Food Studio, a flash plant-based kitchen at the exclusive Jing An Kerry Center in Shanghai, offering free cooking classes for people who wish to learn how to cook meat-free dishes. This initiative is running from October 10th until October 30th, and it is the first of its kind in China.

As China’s first 100% plant-based creative kitchen, people will learn how to cook flavorful, high-quality, nutritious, and climate-friendly plant-based food with dishes made with JUST Egg; JUST is producing liquid vegan egg made from mung beans and legumes that are high in protein. It has roughly the same amount of protein as a regular egg, but it is cholesterol-free.

JUST introduces the Future Food Studio that is a flash plant-based kitchen, integrating creativity and technology. Many famous chefs are joining and contributing to the culinary program, such as the celebrity chef Belchuan Yang, Brian Tan (from Gourmet Library), Jaime Pea (from Egg and Maiya restaurant), Evo Ni (from the Center of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Culinary Arts and Services), Jonathan He (from popular Shanghai wine bar and restaurant Bird Wine + Kitchen) and more. These talented chefs will teach people how to use creative recipes at home.

Classes range from easy breakfasts, lunch, and brunch dishes to baking and fine dining. There are also classes for kids. “We want to make it easy and fun to cook healthy plant-based food, and we have seen the change in Chinese eating habits, which are quickly grown towards plant-based products; the Future Food Studio aims to connect and inspire the community to embrace this positive change,” said the spokesman from JUST.

Since the day JUST Egg was launched in the US during April 2019, the company has sold the equivalent of more than 50 million plant-based eggs which require 98% less water and emit 93% fewer carbon emissions than conventional eggs.

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