Lingjixian brings plant-based baking
Lingjixian hopes to promote the symbiosis between humans and nature.

Lingjixian (in Chinese – 零极限) is the first company that produces plant-based baking food in mainland China. The company produces baked food with natural yeast species.  

The New Protein Creation column interviewed the Founder of Lingjixian, Mrs. Li Youqiong, revealing the brand’s visions, advantages and disadvantages, and the Founder’s challenges and mindset.  

According to Mrs. Li, her brand represents the concept of symbiosis between humans and nature. Plant-based baking can be a way to bring both delicious and healthy food to consumers together with promoting the harmony between humans and nature. For Mrs. Li, jumping into the plant-based baking area is a challenge but also marks a breakthrough for her. Mr. Li needs to start from scratch and learn techniques and methods that are new to her.  

Mrs. Li said that the reasons for choosing plant-based baking lie in three aspects; the first is the fact that China’s baking industry is expanding, and the industry’s future is promising, yet there are currently no leading brands in the market; the second aspect is that consumers are paying more attention to health, especially in the post-pandemic era; the third aspect is the fact that China is striving to achieve carbon peak by 2027 and realize carbon neutrality by 2060.  

Compared to traditional baking, plant-based baking food is cholesterol-free, low-calorie, and low-fat and it is easier to digest. Nevertheless, the plant-based baking industry faces many challenges, such as an immature industry supply chain and the high cost of sourcing raw materials.  

Lingjixian brings plant-based baking - food tech news in Asia
Lingjixian brings plant-based baking - food tech news in Asia

Currently, based on different scenarios, Lingjixian has four series of baking food products. It starts with bread with a short shelf life and continues with afternoon tea snacks, such as cookies and biscuits, cakes, desserts, and holiday gifts. The company is selling baking food on media platforms, in organic farms in south China, in private schools, and in offline convenience stores that sell organic food.  

Lingjixian has an aspiration to combine Western baking techniques with Eastern culture, promoting the symbiosis between humans and nature while bringing delicious baking food.  

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