Luckin Coffee creates history
Luckin Coffee

Luckin Coffee, one of the Chinese leading coffee brands, has proved that despite difficulties, it can not only survive but thrive. At the beginning of this summer, Luckin has again taken the stage with sales of a new product, Coconut Milk Latte, which has exceeded 100 million cups. This drink made Luckin the talk of the town on Chinese social media. It looks like Luckin Coffee is about to make history in China’s coffee segment. 

What did Luckin Coffee do to create history?  

Consumers noticed that Luckin’s brand ambassadors, Mr. Zhangzhen and Mrs. Tang Wei, both famous actors, have been replaced by the famous skier, Gu Ailing, the most talked-about athlete on Chinese social media platforms during the Winter Olympic Games of 2022. The brand is building a youthful and vigorous brand image to attract young consumers, and, in turn, makes the brand open to new product forms.  

The brand spared no efforts when launching new products such as Velvet Latte, Waxberry Exfreezo, Walden Ski Latte, Huakui Dirty, and Coconut Milk Latte. Luckin Coffee cooperated with a French food company, Louis-Dreyfus, Swiss Schaerer, Swiss Franke, French Monin, and Japan-based UCC to ensure the brand’s product quality. In terms of marketing, Luckin Coffee cobranded with EDG, a gaming team that won the Best Team title in China League of Legends 2015. Luckin also cobranded with beverage brand, Yeshu,(椰树 in Chinese) to resonate with young consumers.  

On top, new custom-made cup sleeves and packaging bags were produced to create a better connection with consumers. Luckin Coffee’s fans like to follow the brand’s site on content platforms, such as Xiaohonghsu (China’s Instagram), Weibo, and Luckin Coffee’s online official account. The content is engaging, interesting, fresh, and attractive, and consumers are just waiting for new content to be published and make the fans more excited while browsing online memes, wallpapers, and cartoons.  

With the above-mentioned efforts, Luckin Coffee has shifted from a celebrity coffee maker to a real brand. From R&D to consumers, Luckin showed its fans how important the targeted positioning is. By connecting the consumption scenarios and reaching young consumers’ daily life, Luckin has become a partner for young consumers, accompanying them and witnessing their successes and failures. For Chinese young consumers, Luckin Coffee is a coffee that truly belongs to them.  

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