Luxihe co-branded with Oatly
Luxihe co-branded with Oatly and brings “Wanwufusu gift box”.

Chinese leading baking brand, Luxihe, co-branded with Swedish giant manufacturer, Oatly, and launched a new product – a soft walnut cookie. The new product has two flavors: brown sugar oat and chocolate cocoa.  

Nowadays, several Chinese bakery brands with a streamlined supply chain, high-value products, and strong brand image have emerged in the market. When it comes to top bakery brands, Luxihe cannot be ignored. Luxihe was established in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, and its popularity is attributed to the brand’s marketing strategy. Luxihe has always insisted on serving new customers while keeping in touch with old ones via private domain online traffic. Luxihe also established a membership system and kept looking for customers’ needs in different ways, establishing a good customer experience.  

Oatly’s oat milk is becoming ubiquitous. Oatly used strong marketing and channel strategy to push oat milk into the mass market. In terms of marketing, Oatly launched creative brand packaging and promotional copywriting to build itself into a brand that promotes a healthy lifestyle and the concept of sustainability.

In terms of marketing and sales channels, entering the café category is a strategic step for Oatly’s positioning. Coffee has a deep connection with dairy products and adding cow milk can not only make the coffee taste more fragrant and smoother, but also balance the flavor. To break this connection between coffee and cow milk, Oatly managed to cooperate with leading brands in China, such as Starbucks, Manner, Tim Hortons, Peet’s, Costa, and Luckin. Oatly has also co-branded with two leading bubble tea brands, Hey Tea and Nayuki. Co-branding with a famous bakery brand should be Oatly’s new channel strategy to enter the pastry and cake segment.  

In addition to the soft walnut cookies, Luxihe and Oatly also jointly introduced the “Wanwufusu gift box (万物复酥 in Chinese)”. In the gift box, there are 10 pieces of buckwheat walnut cookies, 10 pieces of regular walnut cookies, 10 pieces of multigrain walnut cookies, one bottle of Oatly’s chocolate-flavored oat milk, and one bottle of Oatly’s oat milk with original flavor. 

The two brands are famous in the bakery segment and plant-based segment for their high-quality products and thoughtful marketing strategies. The strong alliance will bring new experiences to consumers.

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