McDonald's added plant-based - food tech nes in asia

In Hong Kong and Macau, McDonald’s added plant-based pork to its menu. Customers can enjoy the latest plant-based pork meal in more than 400 McDonald’s shops in Hong Kong and Macau. It is a big move for McDonald’s and Green Monday

McDonald’s launched 6 items: OmniPork Luncheon and Scrambled Egg Burger, OmniPork Luncheon & Egg Cheesy Toastie, a breakfast platter with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hash browns.

Green Monday is a new plant-based startup from Hong Kong that focuses on plant-based meat innovation. By cooperating with McDonald’s, Green Monday expands the sales networks to 400 stores in one go. According to McDonald’s, the company serves over 1 million customers per day in Hong Kong and Macao. In other words, at least 30 million customers have a chance to try plant-based meal in McDonald’s. Green Monday can improve its sales while educating customers.

McDonald’s plans to open 1,500 new shops in mainland China, Hong Kong, and South Korea in the near future. If the plant-based meal sells well in Hong Kong and Macao, the company will promote it to more shops. Green Monday can grab more market share very fast.

McDonald’s Hong Kong became the first McDonald’s location that launched a plant-based menu. After KFC Hong Kong introduced plant-based chicken, McDonald’s realized that they must follow the trend; “This is not a limited time offer, nor a limited shop offer. This is long term offering for Hong Kong and Macao,” said David Yeung, Green Monday’s CEO and Co-Founder. McDonald’s will most probably promote the plant-based meal to more countries any time soon.

In short, it is quite interesting for a fast-food brand to promote a plant-based meal. Let’s continue following this trend and find out how much McDonald’s customers like the new menu.

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