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Chinese dairy giant Mengniu launched sparkling water with active probiotics under its sub-brand Youyi-C. Apparently, it is only natural for a dairy giant to enter the sparkling water segment with a functional drink, taken from its core competence – dairy products. The new sparkling water is an innovative product with the concept of “crossover”.

Chinese consumers are familiar with Youyi-C, an active lactobacillus beverage brand launched by Mengniu in 2009. In recent years, YoyiC has continuously expanded its product line, enlarged its brand potential, and successively launched innovative products such as YoyiC fiber +, and probiotics sparkling water.

Different from the other sparkling water products in the market, YoyiC’s sparkling water is rich in active probiotics, which help postprandial digestion and maintain intestinal function. Additionally, Mengniu also claims its sparkling water is low in sugar and zero-fat. This is the first time for the brand to introduce the concept of active probiotics to the sparkling water category.

In terms of the packaging design, the word “active” is highlighted, with special emphasis on the concept of “active probiotics”. The bottle adopts a streamlined upgrade. It looks more fashionable.

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the number of Chinese consumers that want to make their diets healthy is increasing at a tremendous pace. One of the biggest reasons why people take up drinking sparkling water is to get away from drinking sugar-rich sodas and carbonated beverages. The demand for low-sugar, low-calorie, and low-fat beverages has been a strong trend in China during the last few years. The leader in this category is sparkling water.

In our previous news, we have mentioned that the emerging sparkling water brand Genki Forest launched sparkling water drinks for Chinese New Year. The success of Genki Forest has motivated many companies to enter this segment, including Mengniu’s rival, Yili, and carbonated beverage giant Coca-Cola. Previously, we also mentioned that Coca-Cola launched sparkling water in China.

According to recent data, the overall market size of domestic sparkling water was about 15 billion RMB (US$2.32 billion) in 2019 and is expected to reach 32 billion RMB (US$4.95 billion) in 2025. Mengniu steps into the sparkling water market will lean on its core competitiveness abilities and strong brand name.

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