MetaMeat production facility
MetaMeat plant-based meat production facility.

On May 9, MetaMeat held an opening ceremony in Zibo city, Shandong province, for its new plant-based meat production facility. The overall investment is estimated at around 1.5 billion yuan (~USD 222 million), with an area of 90,000 square meters. MetaMeat facility will hold a plant-based meat R&D center, production workshops, and sales office. The annual production capacity will be 100,000 tons, the largest plant-based production base in China.  

The project will be finished in two phases; the first phase will include a plant-based protein meat production workshop, plant-based protein workshop, ingredients workshop, water treatment facility, and heat conduction facility. In the second phase, the production facility will be expanded. 

MetaMeat already raised the first round of financing with tens of millions of yuan. The company was founded in 2020, and its core team includes a scientist, Mr. Zhang Xiaomin, known as the “#1 expert for the plant-based meat in China.” 

Plant-based meats are manufactured from plants, trying to achieve the same mouthfeel and taste like real meat. Plant-based meats are perceived by consumers as healthier than animal meat as they are lower in saturated fat and calories, and high in protein and dietary fiber. The production process of plant-based meat is greener and more sustainable than the traditional process of animal meat products.  

The increase in world population is rising issues such as inadequate food supply and increasing health problems; MetaMeat’s project is a practical move in reducing carbon emissions, securing food supply, and improving consumers’ health.  

The implementation of the MetaMeat project is not a surprise given one of the company’s shareholders is Shandong Head which has been engaging in cellulose gum and plant capsule for more than 30 years. MetaMeat has also rich experience when it comes to the application of food-grade methylcellulose in plant-based meat products.  

The completion of the MetaMeat project will not only meet Chinese consumers’ rising needs for plant-based meat but also speed up the sustainable development of the food supply in China.  

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