Metro sells Beyond Burger - foodtech news in asia

Metro China– the top international food shopping mall announced that Metro China officially launched Beyond Burger. Starting July 15th, Metro sells Beyond Burger, and customers can shop for the plant-based burger of Beyond Meat in several Metro malls in Shanghai.

Metro is a leading international wholesale company of food. Metro operates in 35 countries with over 760 cash & carry stores and foodservice distribution companies. In China, the company has set its footprint already in 60 cities with 97 operational malls. The company provides service to over 17 million customers across the country every year. Moreover, METRO established Star Farm Traceability System in 2007 and has made contributions to the improvement of China’s food safety system. In the food business field, it is the best business partner of Beyond Meat if this company would like to expand the retail market in China.

However, it is not the first step for Beyond Meat. Last June Beyond Meat starts selling Beyond Meat burger in 50 HEMA supermarket locations in Shanghai. Also, the company has plans to expand retail locations to 48 HEMA supermarkets in Beijing and Hangzhou.

“Working with HEMA supermarket will promote a healthier lifestyle to more Chinese customers. It is a landmark for both HEMA and Beyond Meat,” said Mr. Ethan Brown, the CEO of Beyond Meat.

It is a big move for Beyond Meat to enter the retail food business in China. In parallel, Beyond Meat is expanding its B2B market as well. According to Beyond Meat, the company held a small tasting test in Shanghai a few days ago. A famous Shanghai chef cooked two famous Shanghai dishes with the brand’s plant-based meat. Beyond Meat is targeting Chinese restaurants after the company established partnerships with Yum China and Starbucks.

As the meat price is increasing constantly, it is easier for Beyond Meat to promote plant-based meat in China. However, It is still a challenge to maintain the safety and quality of meat during the pandemic.

In conclusion, the market competition of plant-based meat is heating up. Also, due to health concerns, the demand for plant-based meat in China will probably grow steadily. The age of plant-based meat will arrive earlier than we expected.

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