Molly Tea promotes growth
Molly Tea is dedicated to tea drinks with elegant Eastern styles.

On May 5th, Chinese tea chain brand, Molly Tea, completed an angel round of tens of millions of yuan. The investment was led by a known investor, Mr. Song Huanping, e-commerce strategy analyst, Mr. Li Chengdong, and Huanlehu Capital (欢乐虎基金 in Chinese). Molly Tea will use the investment to build brand awareness, R&D, and supply chain enhancement.  

Molly Tea opened the first offline store in Shenzhen in 2021, positioning the brand as an Eastern tea drink expert and focusing on Chinese tea and molly tea. The brand is the first to dedicate its business to the molly tea category. The company’s production line covers fresh milk tea, fresh fruit tea, traditional tea, and retail tea. Within a year, the brand opened 30 stores in shopping malls in Shenzhen.   

Despite the negative impact of the pandemic, Chinese new tea drinks expanded by 15% annually, and 85.3% of the market is dominated by non-premium tea drinks. Chain brands that provide high-quality products at affordable prices are rare in the mid and low-price segments.  

The new tea drink market in China is forging ahead from a new to a mature stage. In choosing brands, consumers favor brands that feature food safety, health, and stability. Consumers also like the natural flavor of tea over those flavors with many ingredients; a refreshing taste is also more attractive than sweetness.  

To guarantee the quality of the drinks, Molly Tea cooperated with a tea garden brand in Guizhou province of Southwestern China and with leading dairy brands. In addition, the brand is targeting consumers with compelling package design that encourage reaction and feedback.  

As part of its marketing campaign, Molly Tea co-branded with perfume companies to make fragrant cards and give-aways of small perfume bottles. Molly Tea designed its stores based on simple and modern elements combined with Eastern elegant style. 

Molly tea has found its way to promoting business growth by building differentiated brand image, creating high-quality products, and providing attentive services. 

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