Meal replacement milkshake - food tech news in Asia

Wahaha, one of the leading packaged-beverage companies in China, has officially cooperated with the largest coffee drink producer in Indonesia, Kapal Api Global, to launch a meal replacement milkshake with Indonesian latte coffee flavor.

The meal replacement milkshake with coffee flavor is an energy sports nutrition food. Each bottle contains 16g of high-quality protein, 8.4g Japanese patented “fibersol-2” resistant dextrin dietary fiber, C8-C10 medium-chain fatty acid lipids, low-glycemic index carbohydrate, and a variety of vitamins and minerals; all these ingredients are not only improving body functions, reducing muscle loss, accelerating metabolism, and balancing blood glucose, but also maintaining satiety, regulating intestinal tract, and comprehensively providing a full supplement nutritional food for the entire human body. Additionally, the coffee flavor milkshake uses erythritol with 0 calories, and the whole calorie content of each bottle is low as 203kcal.

Meal replacement milkshake - food tech news in Asia
Chinese Wahaha and Indonesian Kapal Api joined together to develop a fully nutritional meal replacement product in the form of a delicious coffee milkshake.

Founded in 1987, Hangzhou Wahaha Group has become the largest bottled-fresh drink manufacturer in China and the fifth-largest in the world. It is a well-known brand deeply loved by Chinese people, which has its mature industrial value chain to ensure product quality and safety. Wahaha has 30,000 employees who work in 80 production sites throughout China. Similarly, as the largest coffee company in Indonesia, Kapal Api Global has its own exclusive plantation in Sulawesi which is like a ‘gold mine’ for producing coffee.

The joint business between Indonesia’s Kapal Api Global and Wahaha Group is expected to be a breakthrough in promoting functional beverages made by the two companies in the Chinese market. The cooperation has been initiated since 2019 and has also shown that relations between Chinese and Indonesian business players have continued to improve over time. Wahaha Group also wants to expand its business by cooperating with other Indonesian food and beverage companies.

With the great reputation of Wahaha in China and the scientific backup, the co-branding meal replacement milkshake is bound to create a new wave of a healthy diet in 2021! Stay tuned!

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