Oatly cooperates with Shuyi Shao Xian Cao
Cheng man camellia- oat milk-based fruit milk tea.

In March 2022, Shuyi Shao Xian Cao launched a new product-Cheng man camellia (橙漫山茶花), which is available now in the brand’s stores.  

Cheng man camellia is a natural and fen-flavor oat fruit milk tea, having Oatly’s oat milk as part of its recipe. Combining the new concept and good-looking packaging, Cheng man camellia received many good comments from consumers who called it “the first milk tea in early spring”. 

Cheng man camellia combines oat milk, oolong tea, and camellia with an orange slice; the oat milk contains lots of dietary fiber and it is plant-based, making the milk tea more friendly for people who are lactose intolerant.  

The cooperation between Oatly and Shuyi Shao Xian Cao revealed Oatly’s new plan of entering the milk tea market. The reason for the cooperation lies in the shared concepts of the two brands featuring plant-based, healthy lifestyles, and environmental-friendly attitudes.  

When Oatly entered China back in 2016, the brand cooperated with tens of thousands of coffee shops, ushering in a trend of “plant-based milk and coffee” and spreading brand awareness. Oatly’s total revenue for 2021 increased by 52.6% compared to 2020 with the Asia-Pacific region showing the strongest momentum. Oatly’s 2021 annual report shows that there is a great potential for growth in the milk tea shops and restaurants in China. Oatly’s cooperation with Shuyi Shao Xian Cao is the epitome of Oatly’s strategy of entering the milk tea market and increasing sales.  

Currently, China’s plant-based milk market is expanding fast. On one hand, more plant-based milk brands sprung up; on the other hand, plant-based milk brands are entering people’s daily consumption scenarios. Plant-based milk brands saw the business potential in co-branding with other staple food and beverage products, such as milk tea.  

The debut of the plant-based milk tea, Cheng man camellia, will help Oatly penetrate the milk tea market and lead by example for other plant-based milk brands which are looking to diversify their offerings and business model.

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