Oatly's Singapore plant - food tech news in Asia

Oatly, the global leading oat milk company, announced the opening celebration of its Singapore oat milk plant, Oatly’s first plant outside Europe and North America, officially opened in July this year.

“This new facility will help Oatly’s expansion into new and existing markets in Asia and support us to drive the shift from dairy to oat milk for the benefit of people and planet”, said Mr. David Zhang, Asia President of Oatly. As part of the global supply chain, the opening ceremony of the Singapore plant is a glimpse of Oatly’s capacity in the Asian market. We can also see Oatly’s confidence in its supply for the region and the global market. The company pointed out that the plant in Singapore will minimize the impact on the environment through the effective utilization of resources and build a “true future-oriented production base”.

Oatly has been continuously promoting the “end-to-end self-manufacturing production system” all over the world to better control production sustainability and product quality. Oatly’s overall production capacity is expected to reach about 1.5 billion liters by 2023, more than 4 times that of 2020. The significant capacity expansion will provide strong support for Oatly’s mid and long-term scale expansion and margin improvement. Oatly, which sells in 20 countries, is enjoying a growing profile in Asia, especially in Hong Kong and mainland China where it is commonly found on café menus as a cow milk alternative.

In 2021, Oatly has made great progress in the Chinese market and made breakthroughs in restaurant chains, retail, and other channels. The company has successfully gained brand awareness and acceptance of oat milk among Chinese consumers through integrating itself into the coffee culture and promoting sales growth through retail and e-commerce channels. In our previous news, we have mentioned that Oatly expanded new channels and started a partnership with convenience store chain FamilyMart in China.

With the further improvement of Oatly’s global supply chain and production capacity, we believe that the brand will provide a strong growth power for its expansion in new markets and channel penetration.

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