OP3N's milk innovation
OP3N’s Bottled Joy product line.

Low-temperature dairy brand, OP3N, launched the “Bottle Joy” product line, which includes “Bobobo (啵啵啵) pineapple cow milk”, “Yeyeye (耶耶耶) coconut cow milk”, and “Kakaka (咖咖咖) coconut latte”.  

An internal source reveals that pineapple cow milk contains 80% raw milk; coconut cowmilk mixes raw milk and coconut milk; coconut latte contains coconut juice from Malaysia and coffee from Africa. The different products represent unique Myers-Briggs Type Indicators’ personal characteristics. Currently, the products are available in OP3N’s flagship online store, at a price of 98 yuan (~USD 15) for 6 bottles.  

OP3N was launched jointly by Honest Dairy (Simple Love’s mother company) and Food Union. Simple Love has set itself apart from other dairy brands by entering the low-temperature yogurt segment and has been developed into a leading low-temperature yogurt brand in China. “Bottled Joy“ product line is designed in line with current popular online search strings, such as “Bottled Joy”, “coconut”, and “MBTI personal characteristics”.  

Different from Simple Love’s products, OP3N aims to target young consumers by attractive visual packaging design and content. OP3N positioned itself as a premium brand, which is even more expensive than Simple Love’s products. this may bring challenges for further market scaleup. 

Simple Love entered the low-temperature fresh milk segment last year, but its low-temperature fresh milk products weren’t as popular as its low-temperature yogurt. Making low-temperature fresh milk is a test of the company’s comprehensive capacities in terms of sales channels and supply chain, but the innovation range is still limited. That’s why dairy brands are shifting focus to low-temperature modulated milk.  

There are still no low-temperature modulated milk brands that are dominant in the market. Bright Dairy and New Hope Dairy have been engaging in low-temperature modulated milk for a while; Yili and Mengniu, the leading dairy giants in China, have also invested more in this segment. With favorable advantages in sale channels, loyal consumers, brand awareness, and upstream supply chain, Hema Fresh has also introduced a series of low-temperature modulated milk with chocolate, banana, strawberry, and grape flavors.  

In the low-temperature modulated segment, dairy and beverage brands have more opportunities to make innovations in tastes and flavors.  

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