Plantag is making coffee
Plantag’s plant-based coffee.

The new plant-based brand, Plantag, offers the first plant-based coffee – Xianka (鲜咖) Coconut Latte. The new product contains 10% of cold-pressed Indonesian coconut milk, 35% of Philippine coconut water, and Arabica coffee beans.

The brand revealed that coconut milk and coconut water have been using a -25℃ constant freshness preservation process; coffee beans were made via a 9 Bar high-pressure fresh extraction process. The plant-based coffee is free from trans-fatty acids and preservatives.  

Consumers in China can now buy the new products in Plantag’s flagship store on Tmall, China’s popular e-commerce marketplace. One bottle of Plantag coffee has 285 ml, and 6 bottles are priced at 78 yuan (~USD 12).  

The Plantag team made more than 80 rounds of formula testing to find the freshest formula ratio; the team spent more than 150 days improving the product’s taste and packaging design, and more than 1,200 blind testings were made to satisfy picky consumers.  

Founded in December 2020, Plantag develops plant-based milk products with low fat, lactose-free, and low sodium. Plantag’s Founder, Mr. Zhang Zihao, graduated from Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University with a master’s degree in Global Leadership. By sharing stories of everyday life, Mr. Zhang is now a well-known content creator who has gained over 1 billion short video views on Douyin (Chinese Tiktok) and 3 million followers across Chinese social media platforms.  

In April 2021, Plantag secured more than 60 million RMB (USD 9.17 million) in financing from angel round and angel plus round. Following the investment, Plantag launched a new series of plant-based milk with three flavors: black sesame, oat, and pistachio

In October 2021, Plantag cobranded with the new tea drink brand, July Tea, and launched three new products; in November 2021, Plantag partnered with Canadian coffee giant, Tim Hortons, and launched an oat plant-based coffee product line. Plantag’s products are now available in over 420 stores of Tim Horton in China; Plantag also collaborated with Take-Away Coffee (老塞咖啡) and introduced two oat drinks – Fengli Busu (凤梨不酥) and Zhizi Lixiang Latte (栀子梨香).  

Consumers can find Plantag’s products in over 5,000 trendy coffee stores and in more than 20,000 points of sales of Hema, Family Mart, and Lawson.  

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