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Recently, the plant-based nutrition brand, Plantag, launched a new series of plant-based milk with three flavors: black sesame, oat, and pistachio. The brand emphasizes that the new products are zero-sugar, zero-lactose, and zero-cholesterol, and all made of pure plants without cow milk.

The three new products have different ingredients; Black sesame plant-based milk contains about 480mg calcium per bottle, each bottle of oat milk contains about 10g of dietary fiber, and pistachio milk contains about 200g of polyunsaturated fatty acids. At present, this series of products are now available on the brand’s flagship store on Tmall. The price of pistachio milk is 125 RMB (US$19.34) for 8 bottles, and the price of black sesame and oat milk is for both 97 RMB (US$15) for 8 bottles.

Founded in December 2020, Plantag launched oat milk as its first product; this was the first product in China to adopt the patented enzymolysis process of whole grains. Oat bran contains 80% dietary fiber; Plantag can release 4 times of β – glucan by keeping the whole enzymolysis of wheat bran, retaining all the oat grain and bran nutrients during the process. In our previous news, we have mentioned that Plantag secured more than 60 million RMB (US$9.2 million) from angel round and angel plus round.

The logo of Plantag (#) is a super symbol, a topic, an attitude, and an expression. It symbolizes a healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle and concept that the brand wants to emphasize: “Let us become healthier together with the earth”. Plantag wishes to become a brand covering both B2B and B2C business models, bringing consumers more choices of plant-based products. In addition to plant-based milk, plant-based yogurt and plant-based food will also become the direction of the brand’s expansion.

The Plantag team has diverse backgrounds and outstanding comprehensive strengths. Mr. Zhang Zihao, the founder of Plantag, worked for Bain & Company, and he is also a celebrity of We-Media with more than 3 million followers. “We hope our plant-based milk will become another healthy and tasty new choice for consumers”, Mr. Zhang said.

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