Protein brand ffit8 launched protein milkshake - food tech news in Asia

Recently, ffit8, a Chinese protein brand, launched a series of protein milkshakes, with “The Great Protein” as the theme, continuing to create healthy food with premium protein as the core ingredient. This is also yet another product line in the meal replacement category after launching protein bar and probiotic protein powder products.

It is reported that the ffit8 protein meal replacement milkshake has 6 flavors, such as Ceylon Milk Tea Flavor, Oat & Chia Seeds Flavor, Macha & Brown Rice Flavor, and more. In this product line, the brand is focusing on triple protein, balanced nutrition, fast satiety, and calorie control. Each bottle of ffit8’s protein milkshake contains 25g of protein, 12.4g of dietary fiber, 11 vitamins, and 4 kinds of minerals. At the same time, white kidney bean extract is added as an inhibitor of the activity of amylase and to block the calorie absorption of starch food.

Ffit8 is a fledgling Chinese meal replacement brand with protein bars as the signature product. The brand’s name represents future food, fast food, and fashionable food. Ffit8 redefined the target consumer group of protein bars. In comparison, ffit8 aims to pass on protein bars’ high protein and low sugar traits to a wide range of young people and sedentary workers. The brand positions itself as “the first protein bar for young people” and underscores the nutritional supplement concept instead of muscle-building function. In our previous news, we have mentioned another product line from this brand when ffit8 launched a probiotic protein powder.

Ffit8’s products can appeal to Chinese consumers for a variety of reasons; Chinese consumers are increasingly interested in what are said to be the benefits of a high-protein diet. They found the claims “immunity-boosting”, “improves gut health/digestion” and “relaxation/stress-relief” made on food and drink products to be very appealing. Ffit8 aims to possess a deep insight into the needs and psyche of young consumers.

The product line of ffit8 is covering a wide range of protein offerings – from protein bar and protein powder to protein meal replacement milkshake. With the support of comprehensive factors such as convenience, taste, nutrition, and fashion, ffit8 has been integrated into the life scene of more young people and became their new choice of healthy food.

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