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Recently, FutureBridge releases a new study about new protein alternatives for the coming future. As we know, the market for protein ingredients is overgrowing, and the market value will increase to around US$10.8 billion in 2022. However, that will lead to another question regarding protein production: from where will we get more protein for the rising demand for protein in the future? Here are some new protein ingredients you should know about.

Wheat protein, soy protein, and pea protein are popular ingredients of plant-based food. Meanwhile, some companies are still searching for a better alternative that is both environmentally friendly and contains more nutrients. According to FutureBridge, these 4 protein ingredients might be the next trend in this segment.

Mung beans: it contains the same amino acids like eggs, providing gel and emulsifying properties. If we replace eggs by mung beans, we can save 1 billion gallons of water a year.

Chickpea protein: Because the protein digestibility of lysine and proline of chickpeas is higher than that of yellow peas, the chickpea protein is becoming a trendy protein ingredient.

Coconut is a trendy protein alternative in the growing dairy industry. Over 20 vegan cheese producers are using coconut as the main ingredient.

Seaweed: It contains eight amino acids that the human body needs and can help treat high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. It can function as the ingredient of dietary supplements, food, beverage, animal feed and even cosmetics. Seaweed is also environment friendly. According to the report of Future Market Insights, the Asia market will be the biggest market for seaweed protein. The market value expected to be US$1.2 billion by 2023.

It will take some education and experience for the consumers to decide which protein is the best alternative. It must be delicious and nutritious, and its production should not harm the environment. Luckily, all of us will have more options in the future, that contain healthier and more delicious alternatives.

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