Report: Agriculture-Technology-as-a-Service

Focus on Product, Application, and
Country Analysis

A Global and Regional Analysis

Analysis and Forecast: 2020-2026

December 2021


The global population is growing exponentially and the demand for basic ingredients that fulfill the daily needs, such as food, is expected to grow manifold. Subsequently, improvement in the standard of living of the rising urban population across the world has led to an increased demand for fresh crop produce and animal protein as well. Rising demand for global food production, along with the pressure of providing a continuous supply of high-quality farm produce, has created an alarming situation for growers across the world.

The concerns and pressure on the agriculture industry, factored by the increasing demand for global food production, prompt the farmers to enhance farm profitability despite slowing yield trends in several staple crops. As advancements in technologies across end-user industries lead to an efficient world, the agriculture industry too is gradually incorporating smart technologies on farms for profitable farming.

This report focuses on Agriculture-Technology-as-a-Service (ATaaS) business models, market trends, prices, etc., and how modern technology can be implemented in the agriculture field and create efficiencies and a streamlined supply chain. All analyses and forecasts are related to the period of 2020 to 2026.

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