Sports beverage segment trends
BODYARMOR LYTE Kiwi Strawberry.

The sales of sports drinks and protein drinks are increasing. According to IRI OmniMarket, in January and February 2022, the sales of sports beverages in the US reached USD 9.7 billion. Traditional sports beverages and protein beverages are still popular among sports lovers, including RTD protein beverages, containing caffeine and other nascent functional beverages.  

Driven by the increasing health consciousness, the growing disposable income, and rising product innovations, the low-calorie RTD beverages market is expected to register robust growth in the near future.  

Sports drink brand Bodyarmor introduced its new flavor innovation: BODYARMOR LYTE Kiwi Strawberry. BODYARMOR LYTE has 20 calories without artificial sweeteners and is packed with potassium-based electrolytes, coconut water, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Bao Rui (爆锐 in Chinese) is the Chinese brand name of POWERADE, a private label of Coca-Cola in China. PowerAde provides consumers with two different flavors, namely PowerAde Ran/Intensity and PowerAde Nai/Endurance, to cater to the nutritional needs of consumers in different sports scenes.

Shui Dong Le (水动乐 in Chinese) was successfully launched in 2014 and became one of the mainstream beverages in the sports nutrition beverage category. Shui Dong Le fruit-vegetable series contain minerals and vitamins to better meet the needs of Chinese consumers in their fast-paced lifestyle. There are currently four flavors available: peach, lemon, orange, and berry.

According to MarketDataForecast, functional beverages are gaining momentum in the sports drink segment; the global sports beverages market hit USD 24 billion in 2021 and is estimated to reach USD 32 billion by 2027; in developed countries, sports beverages are not regarded as refreshment beverages but more as supplements that are beneficial for health. To promote the development of the sports beverages segment, different functionalities should be mentioned and focused on.  

Related data shows that sports beverages containing natural sweeteners and organic ingredients have sales increase of 8%. More and more sports beverages and protein beverages with natural flavors and colors and different functionalities are available in the market. Some beverages are designed to improve immunity and digestive health, while others are beneficial for bones and mental health.  

Brands that want to grab some market share should either add natural and organic ingredients to their products or introduce a new product line with apparent value to consumers.

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