Starbucks adds plant-based - food tech news in asia

Starbucks announced on 9th September that Starbucks Asia-pacific will add plant-based food and beverage to menus across Asia during September. After Starbucks launched the plant-based food and beverage in China, Starbucks is ready to promote the new trend in the Asian-Pacific market.

As we reported before, Starbucks China launched the plant-based food and beverage in January. According to Starbucks China, the company has over 4,300 shops across China. Starbucks China got so much feedback from customers about the taste and price of plant-based food and beverage, so Starbucks can actually make improvements to its plant-based offering.

The sales performance of plant-based food and beverage in the Chinese market proves that it is the right timing for Starbucks to introduce such products in the Asian-Pacific market. However, Starbucks does not copy the plant-based food and beverage across different markets. Instead, Starbucks plans to introduce different products in different Asian markets based on local customer habits and culture. The company will start introducing the plant-based food and beverage menu in Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and New Zealand.

In Hong Kong, Starbucks will include the Spiced Impossible Puff and Maize Impossible Sandwich. In parallel, Starbucks will launch the Beyond Meat Bolognese Penne in Taiwan. Starbucks will also bring the oat milk Cocoa Macchiato from Oatly to Malaysia and Phillippines.

It is clear that Chinese customers like plant-based food and drinks. It is still a question of whether Starbucks can promote plant-based food and beverage successfully to the Asian-pacific market. As we know, producing plant-based food and beverage can decrease slaughtering animals, and Starbucks is delivering the brand value of protecting animals.

All in all, Starbucks fulfills the responsibility as a coffee giant to support many values. Starbucks Asia-pacific will become a gamechanger when promoting plant-based food and beverage in the global food & beverage industry.

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