UltraHA®-GI-001 improves intestinal health
UltraHA®-GI-001 is here to help your intestinal tract.

In the post-era of the pandemic, health has become a key topic for all. Data shows that over 80% of Chinese people changed their dietary habits after the outbreak; one of the main topics on people’s minds is intestinal health. 

The truth is most Chinese consumers are not aware enoughof the benefits of the intestinal tract. 70% of consumers focus on the digestive function of the intestinal tract, 50% on the detoxification function and only 44% of consumers are aware of the immunological function of the intestinal tract. 19% of consumers have no idea about intestinal functions.  

As an old Chinese saying goes, the disease enters by the mouth. The intestinal tract is the frontline of our body’s immune system and is critical for our wellbeing. The principal functions of the intestinal tract are to digest and absorb the ingested nutrients and offer a habitat for microorganisms. The intestinal tract also helps humans to keep away from the infringement of pathogens. The immune system it builds is very strong, including biological barriers, chemical barriers, mechanical barriers, and immune barriers.  

If our intestinal tract works well, then it would be ideal for our body to digest and absorb various nutrients. But the reality is the intestinal tract barriers are not strong enough. Various factors such as environment, inheritance, infection, and weak immune system can cause intestinal barrier dysfunction and intestinal bacteria imbalance.  

The daily care of the intestinal tract is a must! 

Bloomage Biotech, a developer and manufacturer of medical products, conducted related research on the function of sodium hyaluronate in the intestinal tract. Eventually,  UltraHA®-GI-001 was chosen as the main component to promote intestinal health. Several experiments have proven that UltraHA®-GI-001 is critical for intestinal inflammation improvement, intestinal probiotics growth, and intestinal barriers adjustment.  

The increasing focus on intestinal health is boosting the development of the health industry. UltraHA®-GI-001 will be helpful for upgrading products and future development of this market segment.  

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