Vitasoy offers new flavors
Vitasoy’s new product-VitaOat brings new experiences to consumers

Vitasoy is making efforts to provide different products with different flavors and bring different experiences to consumers.

Vitasoy, one of the leading brands for soymilk in China, was established in Hong Kong in 1940 and has more than 80 years of history when it comes to plant-based protein beverages. What the company stands for is nutrition, good taste, and the environment. Vitasoy works hard to source the finest soybeans, use the best soil, and follow strict water standards. Only this way, the nutrition and the taste of the products can be guaranteed. In parallel, the company keeps the green environment in mind. Vitasoy has gained a lot of experience in R&D and the brand provided various plant-based protein nutritious drinks.

At present, China’s plant-based milk market is expanding. In 2021, the market reached 123.4 billion yuan (~USD19.5 billion). Fueled by the trend of healthy beverages, Vitasoy continues developing new plant-based protein beverages and new flavors to meet consumers’ needs.  

In the winter of 2020, Vitasoy introduced a new product, ginger soymilk. Though ginger soymilk is a new member of the Vitasoy family, it is mainly made from non-GMO soybean. Ginger soymilk is rich in nicotinamide, vegetable protein, and Vitamin B2/B6, which plays a role in providing energy to human cells. 

Last year, Vitasoy launched another new product called VitaOat. The brand used high-quality oat and adopted an ultrafine size reduction method to preserve the nutrition of the oat and make it easier to digest.  

To meet consumers’ strong demands for diverse flavors, Vitasoy is working hard to accelerate products innovation and develop different categories. Vitasoy has several flavors available for consumers to choose from – original flavor, black soy, chocolate, vanilla, and coconut. Vitasoy Black Soy drink is lactose-free and dairy-free, and it should be consumed immediately after opening it.  

We can tell that Vitasoy is making a lot of efforts to provide tasty, healthy, and nutritious drinks with different flavors, and at the same time spreading scientific and healthy lifestyle concepts among its consumers.

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