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Guangzhou WE UNIQUE Biotechnology launched a new collagen sodium hyaluronate soft candy that uses anti-ultraviolet technology ingredients. It contains collagen tripeptide and sodium hyaluronate, imported from South Korea, and focuses on anti-aging and post-basking repairing.

We Unique - food tech news in Asia
Functional candies are taking a step further with WE UNIQUE that provides anti-aging soft candies.

Founded in 2020, WE UNIQUE is a young, unique, health-oriented brand of beauty supplements that is affiliated with Guangdong Runke Bioengineering Co., Ltd. The latter owns an R&D team led by internationally renowned experts in the micro-algae tech field. WE UNIQUE was established with the brand concept of “Health Nutrition with Premium Quality” and believes that delicacy has no conflict with nutrition. Every product has been through countless taste and sensory adjustments in order to reach top quality. The chief scientist of WE UNIQUE is Professor Chen Feng, master of microalgae, listed on the world’s top 2% scientists. The R&D director is Professor Jiang Yue, an expert in microbiology and food biotechnology.

In 2020, WE UNIQUE, together with many scientists from Guangdong Runke, came up with a new beauty solution – LUNA WHITE, which is a protein peptide drink specially designed for Asian people. It has been made through a multi-level manufacturing process, combining the essences of nutrition from the East and the West, and it is made from multiple innovative ingredients of anti-aging in a perfect proportion.  

In addition, the new product contains phycocyanin and imported olive fruit powder from France; phycocyanin helps stabilize the collagen structure under ultraviolet light, and olive fruit powder helps inhibit melanin.

In terms of taste, the new product adopts collagen casings imported from Australia to wrap the fresh flavor inside, with a dual taste of crispy outside and tender inside. At the same time, the formula is designed with zero sucrose, zero hormones, and low-calorie that can meet the needs of customers wishing to reduce sugar intake and consume healthier products.

At present, this soft candy has been available on WE UNIQUE’s flagship store on Tmall with a price tag of 89 RMB (US$13.8) per box of 90g.

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