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Aside from Greek yogurt, Icelandic yogurt is also very popular worldwide. Yoplait, the world’s largest franchise brand of yogurt, has recently introduced Icelandic Yogurt in the Chinese market. Made of skimmed raw milk through triple concentration and fermentation, Yoplait’s Icelandic Yogurt has the health attributes of zero-sugar, zero-fat, low-calorie, and high protein, which not only brings new ideas to the refrigerated yogurt but also allows consumers to have a yogurt choice in line with international health trends.

Icelandic Yogurt is the traditional yogurt of Iceland that has been made for over 1,000 years. The local residents invented a healthy way of making yogurt by filtering out the whey during fermentation and maximizing the protein content of the final product. This explains why Icelandic Yogurt can get its thick, semi-solid texture without adding any thickening food agent.

The newly launched Yoplait’s Icelandic Yogurt completely reproduces the filtering whey process. It is different from the other gelatin-added yogurt, creating an excellent balance between the mellow taste and the lightness of texture. Because of the strict process and high cost, the domestic segment of Icelandic Yogurt was not occupied by any vendor, until now.

When weight management is in mind, the nutrition of Icelandic Yogurt is undoubtedly a natural fit. Each cup of Icelandic Yogurt has up to 11g of protein. The original flavor Icelandic Yogurt does not need any other ingredients except raw milk and fermented bacteria, with only 69 kcal of calories per 120g. The mixed berry flavor is also sugar-free and is only 77 kcal. Icelandic Yogurt is also suitable for all consumers who pursue a healthy lifestyle. It can bring a better sense of satiety than most yogurt because of its high protein content. The semi-solid texture also allows the consumer to constantly explore new ways to enjoy Icelandic Yogurt, whether as a salad dressing or as a dip for fat-reduced meals.

With the continuous concept of reducing sugar and fat in the food industry, sugar-free and fat-free seems to have become a common standard, but high content of primary protein is rare. Directly concentrated from high-quality raw milk, Icelandic Yogurt is rich in precious casein, which can release in a better way amino acids in the blood, providing a constant supply of energy. In our previous news, we have mentioned a Chinese yogurt brand Blueglass Yogurt that secured its Series B Funding, providing a healthy solution with its tasty, low-fat, and low-calorie products.

The dairy industry is probably the industry that does not need to be redefined; it just needs sincerity to ensure product quality and strength to drive the category’s evolution.

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