We are a Chinese company with a co-ownership of Chinese and Western businesspeople. We have extensive experience in the food and food ingredients markets, both B2B and B2C.

We are constantly researching the market and following up on all the major trends, companies, investment funds, new products, and consumption habits in the dynamic and highly interesting food segment in Asia.

We provide our customers and members with useful information and data to make sure they make the right decisions and follow the right path for success in the food business.

Our General Manager, Mr. Udi Baran, is a veteran businessman with more than 20 years experience in Asia. In the last 10 years, Udi’s focus is on the food segment.

Udi was the General Manager of the Chinese affiliate of one of the top American food conglomerates, creating a very successful business in Asia and worldwide. Udi has extensive knowledge of the food market in China and Asia, using this knowledge and experience to lead his team in providing useful, high-value, and profoundly interesting news and information.

Interested in the Food Market in China and Asia?

The food industry in China and Asia is growing and changing at an overwhelming pace.

If you are interested in having effective insights in this segment, or maybe you are an enthusiastic foodie, updated and constant information is very important.

My team and I provide current data on the ‘movers and shakers in the food & beverage segment in Asia.

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