Miruku brings us molecular farming - food tech news in Asia


Miruku is the first molecular farming dairy company in the Asia-Pacific region. Recently the company has completed a seed round of USD 2.4 million from venture capital fund Movac, alongside Colorado’s Ahimsa Foundation, NZ Growth Capital Partners’ Aspire Fund, and Better Bite ventures

Miruku has an experienced team in areas such as agronomy, food technology, molecular biology, and computational botany. The company is committed to future food production and intends to help New Zealand’s farmers with sustainable methodologies.  

Miruku leverages its breakthrough plant technologies to manufacture proteins, fats, and sugars that are only found in animal milk. More importantly, the company uses plants as the infrastructure rather than costly bioreactors.  

How does it work? 

According to the CEO, Mr. Amos Palfreyman, the plants people grow have been genetically transformed, and the proteins contained in the plants are the same as normal dairy molecules. That’s the key. The huge progress made in genetic engineering over the last decade has made molecular farming possible. Undoubtedly, molecular farming which uses plants as a production base will reinvent how dairy is made.  

Currently, molecular farming is still under review in most countries. But there is reason to be optimistic. Impossible Foods’ modified heme ingredient has been approved by Food and Safety Australia and New Zealand. And Miruku’s products will be regulated by FSANA. 

New Zealand is a world leader in dairy exports, and now the country is seeking a sustainable way of farming due to climate change and a disrupted supply chain. As one of the fewer players in molecular plant dairy, Miruku’s future is promising, and the company is ready to help farmers with a sustainable means of dairy production.  

Miruku has a bold goal to produce plant-based dairy products that match animal-based dairy.  

Miruku’s efforts are thrilling and worth our expectations. We will follow up on related information and update our readers.  

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