STARFIELD's plant-based pepper beef
STARFIELD’s plant-based pepper beef.

STARFIELD is the leading plant-based meat startup in China. Since its establishment in 2019, STARFIELD has collaborated with nearly 100 F&B partners, including Tim Hortons, Dicos, Family Mart, and more. Over a million plant-based protein meals have been served via STARFIELD’s channels. The company is developing plant-based meat using molecular sensory techniques, which create a striking similarity between plant-based meat and real meat in color, flavor, and taste. 

STARFIELD recently created a product called Master Pepper Plant-based Beef with a whole meat texture, which is reportedly close in taste and texture to beef pastrami. Master Black Pepper Beef is made from non-GMO soybeans and contains zero-cholesterol, zero-trans fats, high-protein, and low-fat. The new product is available now on Tmall, one of Chinese largest online platforms, priced at 15.8 yuan (USD 2.35) for 4 pieces and 29.8 yuan (USD 4.42) for 8 pieces.  

The flavor of STARFIELD’s plant-based meat comes from research in Molecular Sensory Science. We all know that raw beef or pork does not have an appealing meaty flavor. It is the cooking that turns a flavorless chunk of protein into a delicious treat. How? Amino acid compounds and sugars release flavor and aromas when heated. This process is called the “Maillard reaction”. STARFIELD analyzed the Maillard reaction via modern sensory science and identified a few molecules that contribute the most to the overall flavor. Then, the company sought corresponding aroma molecules from plant sources and added them to its formula.  

Starfield has the vision to promote a better lifestyle for consumers, one that is both healthy, environmentally friendly, and kind to animals. The company believes that molecular sensory techniques are a cutting-edge area, which is undoubtedly very interesting to the curious young generation of consumers. So, STARFIELD has chosen to provide innovative plant-based meat meals, educate the market, create consumer awareness, and by extension, make an effective contribution to the development of the alternative protein sector in China. 

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