Budweiser China and Red Bull - food tech news in Asia

Red Bull Austria officially announced a strategic partnership with Budweiser China to jointly promote its development in China. Budweiser China signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Red Bull Austria at the 2021 Budweiser China National Sales Convention.

Red Bull Austria was founded in 1984. Inspired by functional drinks from the Far East, Red Bull Austria launched its first Red Bull energy drinks in 1987, not only as a new product but also as a unique marketing concept, creating a whole new product category – Energy Drinks. At present, Red Bull operates in over 170 countries selling almost 7.9 billion cans annually and growing.

Budweiser China and Redbull in China - food tech news in Asia
When two giants join forces there is no stopping for the market impact; Red bull continues expanding its brand in China by choosing more strong allies in different outlets and business models.

In 2014, Red Bull Austria entered the Chinese market and applied for the “blue hat” logo of healthcare products. Today, Red Bull Austria has offline channels in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other cities with a price of about 15 RMB (US$2.33) per 1 can, while the price on e-commerce platforms is 268 RMB (US$41.7) for 24 cans of 250ml. With this cooperation, Red Bull Austria will leverage Budweiser China’s strong comprehensive capabilities, business scale, and perfect distribution network to expand its brand in this huge potential market.

Red Bull Austria and Budweiser China will work together to expand new channels and increase investment in customer engagement. This partnership will usher in a new era for the two companies and will bring tremendous growth to Red Bull Austria in China.

Red Bull has been China’s top functional beverage product. It has 4 sub-brands with different operators: Red Bull Vitamin Functional Drink is managed by Reignwood Group; Red Bull Vitamin Flavor Drink is operated by Beijing Pusheng Food; Yangyuan, the producer of “six walnuts” became Red Bull Annaji’s operating partner in northern China. And now Red Bull Austria is fully represented by Budweiser China, which finds a new growth point for its slow performance and will also make a positive effect in the stock market.

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