Cargill's expansion in China
Cargill seeks to expand its market in China through Proliv

To expand its market in China, Cargill China announced in February the launch of a new functional food and nutrition brand, Proliv. ‘Pro’ represents protection, professionalism, and progress, while ‘liv’ means life. Meanwhile, another four functional snacks products were also released, namely “Happy Gummies”, “Pressed Candy”, “Carefree Gummies”, and “Happy Growth Gummies”. The former two are about to relieve the discomfort from the change of seasons, while the latter ones are designed to improve immunity. Moreover, “Happy Gummies” and “Happy Growth Gummies” are sugar-free, while “Carefree Gummies” is low-sugar. 

All snacks above are made from functional ingredients called inactive edible yeast EpiCor® and phosphatidylserine LECIGRAN PS50, which come from a patent of Cargill. These snacks also contain other functional ingredients such as probiotic BC30, GABA, and DHA.

Cargill is the world’s largest provider of agricultural products and food, entered China already in the 1970s. The company has expertise in agricultural production, processing, distribution, and trade. Based on its expertise, Cargill developed a successful agricultural and food supply business in China. 

Cargill's expansion in China
The debut of Proliv and Cargill’s four new snacks.

Proliv’s brand image fits with Cargill’s brand concepts of health, food safety, and sustainability. Cargill’s strength in the global supply chain and R&D will also be helpful for Proliv’s expansion.

After years of hard work, Cargill now has more than 10,000 employees. To expand its market in China, Cargill appointed Liu Jun as the General Manager; Mr. Liu has worked in Cargill for 15 years. 

“For the future five to ten years, the Chinese market would be the biggest. Looking forward, Cargill should transform from its traditional model to a better and healthier one. Cargill also needed to make great efforts to follow the trend of the Chinese market”, Liu Jun stated.  The debut of Cargill’s first functional nutrition and food brand, Proliv, is a sign of Cargill’s expansion into the Chinese market. It is also a sign of the transformation of traditional companies turning to sustainability, health, and innovation.

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