Joes Future brings cell-based meat
Cell-based chicken meat.

New Protein Online Forum led by Ringier X Dao Foods came to a successful end on March 24th. The forum focused on consumers’ acceptability of alt protein and the prospect of the alt protein industry. Leading representatives in areas of plant-based food, fermented protein, and cell-based meat were invited to the forum to jointly discuss and explore the opportunities and challenges of the alt protein industry. Mr. Shijie Ding, the CEO of Joes Future Food, China’s first cell-based meat producer, attended the forum and delivered a speech on consumers’ acceptability of cell-based meat.  

During the speech, Mr. Ding shared the reasons for the emergence of cell-based meat and its significance. He said the traditional meat-producing model is low-effective and high energy-consuming. Current production will not be adequate to meet the growing needs for meat in the future. Cell-based meat has largely shortened the life cycle of producing meat, and more importantly, the technology used to produce cell-based meat is totally green and eco-friendly.  

How to make more consumers accept cell-based meat has been an important topic. Mr. Ding made conclusions from related research data and shared them with the audiance. According to research by China Agriculture Universit, in 2020, over 70% of consumers from Beijing, Qingdao and Taian (the 2 latter cities are located in Shandong province of eastern China) are willing to try cell-based meat. The survey of 2021 shows that more than 95% of Hong Kong consumers are willing to try cell-based meat and seafood. The younger and more well-educated consumers have a more positive attitude towards cell-based meat.  

Regarding the prospects of the cell-based meat market, Mr. Ding mentioned that more efforts were needed, but the future of cell-based meat was promising. As China’s first company that successfully produced cell-based meat, Joes Future Food shoulders an important mission and will strive hard to bring healthier, more delicious, and sustainable meat products to the market.  

Joes Future Food is a pioneer in a new and promising segment. We will follow this company to check if it is worth our expectations.  

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