Nitro-Infused Beverages Market - food tech news in Asia

Focus on Product, Distribution Channel,
and Country Analysis
Analysis and Forecast: 2020-2026

A Global and Regional Analysis

October 2021


Within the growing phenomenon of “wellness” and “well-being,” an increasing number of consumers opt for food and beverage products that not only taste great but also promote health. Health and wellness are some of the major drivers that have been instrumental in changing the food habits of consumers worldwide. Consumers are becoming increasingly inquisitive and proactive about what products they are consuming and where and how the products are created. Locally produced healthy products see increased demand among consumers. This is especially true for the beverages market.

Moreover, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of healthier food and beverages choices. Companies are introducing products that not only satisfy the taste buds but also prove beneficial for both body and mind. The market is also witnessing a growth in collagen, protein, probiotics, and plant-based food and beverages. Retailers are carrying products of smaller, innovative companies with the need to offer diverse products within the stores and drive higher profits. Consumers are often opting for food and beverages products that are high in fiber, fructose, and natural vitamins. There is an increased demand for products that help reduce cholesterol, control glucose, and reduce the risk of various infections.

The key factor aiding in the growth of nitro-infused beverages is that infusion of nitrogen improves both the texture and taste of the drink. Moreover, with an increase in disposable income, consumers are willing to experiment and try newer products. Despite the high price point of nitro-infused beverages, consumers are willing to shell
out more for the premium experience.

This report is focusing on the market trends, main players and brands, type of products in this category, the distribution channels, and more. The analysis is showing global and regional views with data and forecasts from 2020 to 2026.

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