Yipin cold-brewed coffee stick
Yicheng Yiwu offers Yipin cold-brewed coffee sticks.

Yicheng Yiwu (一城一物), a brand under Chinese dairy giant, Bright Dairy, launched a new product – Yipin cold-brewed coffee stick (一品咖啡冰萃咖啡棒冰). The new product was made of coffee beans from Baoshan coffee farm in Yunnan province. More than 1.4% of cold-brew coffee powder is added to the new product.  

Bright Dairy built the Yihceng Yiwu brand to actively respond to China’s “dual circulation” development strategy, which involves expanding domestic demand and focusing on the domestic market.   

The name ‘Yi Cheng Yi Wu’ means ‘One special local product in One city’. The idea is that each city should have its own special drink, using unique raw materials and environmental traits associated with the specific city. No doubt that Bright Dairy’s idea is very inspiring!  

Yicheng Yiwu’s first product is the “Yizhi waxberry stick (一枝杨梅棒冰)“. The product contains waxberry from Xianju (仙居) county of Taizhou city, Zhejiang province. The county has both an oceanic climate and a continental climate, which brings stable precipitation and long periods of sunshine. The favorable climate makes the waxberry juicy, sweet, and sour, a perfect ingredient for “Yizhi waxberry stick“.  

And what makes Baoshan Arabica Coffee beans so special? 

The high-quality Baoshan Arabica Coffee benefits from the Gaoligongshan Mountains in Baoshan City, Yunnan province. In this area, the rainy season comes together with heat seasons, and it is mild weather in both winter and summer. The temperature varies widely from day to night, which is conducive for coffee to be of high content of protein, coarse fiber, crude fat, and sugar, and with low content of caffeine. The Baoshan coffee is one of the best coffees in China and even worldwide. In 2010, “Baoshan Arabica coffee” won the national geographical indication protection.  

It is clear that Yipin cold-brew coffee stick won’t be the last product of Yicheng Yiwu. What will come next? We will keep our readers posted. 

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