New nutrition brands
New nutrition brands deliver convenient products to consumers.

Staying up late, unregular dietary habits and high pressure at work are the normal conditions for young consumers nowadays in China. As health issues are becoming increasingly common, a great number of consumers have started focusing on health and seeking functional food and nutritious food.  

Related data shows that in the Double 11 (China’s biggest shopping festival) of 2021, the sales number of nutritious food increased by 300%. Chinese nutritious food is not new, and most Chinese consumers are familiar with traditional Chinese medicine. As a matter of fact, new Chinese nutritious food is derived from traditional Chinese medicine.  

There are two categories of nutrition brands in China: traditional brands and new nutritious food brands. Dongeejiao (东阿阿胶 in Chinese), Tongrentang (同仁堂 in Chinese), LaoJin MoFang (老金磨方 in Chinese), and Qilixiang (杞里香 in Chinese) belong to the former category, while Neiwen内问, Genben根本, and Shan宫小膳 belong to the latter.  

Traditional Chinese nutritious food is not suitable for young consumers in terms of taste, forms, and application methods, while new Chinese nutritious food brands made some improvements in the production process, taste, formula, application scenarios, and brand image. For example, Shan 宫小膳 introduced ginseng products, cold leavened ginseng liquid, which can be taken directly.  

Some traditional Chinese nutrition brands also launched products that are more convenient to carry and consume. For instance, Tongrentang introduced “stay up late water” and “coffee for longevity preservation”. 

The market of new Chinese nutritious food hasn’t been developed fully, and new brands need to work more on educating young consumers. Integrating Chinese health culture into the brand image may be a good way.  

For Traditional Chinese nutrition brands, it looks like they should make certain endeavors in upgrading their products in terms of taste, form, and application scenarios. 

Looking forward to the performance of both new Chinese nutrition brands and traditional brands.

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