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Following the concern of many consumers about food health after the Covid-19 outbreak, Singapore Airlines decided to partner up with Impossible Foods. Since Oct 5th, the airline added plant-based meat to its menu. Passengers in business class and first-class flights can enjoy the plant-based satay sticks during the flight. Singapore Airlines also plans to launch more plant-based food for VIP customers.

Satay is a classic BBQ food of Malaysia and Singapore. A plant-based satay is a nice option for those vegetarians and vegans. However, the company thinks that plant-based meat is also a trendy meat substitute for its VIP customers.

Many airline companies offer a vegetarian meal on the flight. Cathy Pacific works with Omni Pork and replaces meat with plant-based meat. Cathy Pacific offers many meal options as fruit meal, low-cal meal, and western vegetarian meal. Passengers need to book a special meal 24 hours before the flight via the Cathy Pacific customer service system. Most of the big airlines have integrated special meals on their menus, such as ANA and Air China.

Launching the plant-based satay might be the first step; Singapore Airlines can create more vegetarian meals with the support of Impossible Foods.

Customers can now enjoy the plant-based satay through Singapore Airlines’ new home delivery in business-class and first-class. This service will also be available in the pop-up restaurant of Airbus A380. The reservation has started on October 5th, and the price is between US$ 220 to US$ 440 based on the different set meals. The price range is the reason why Singapore Airlines decided not to offer the plant-based option in the economy class because the average ticket price in that class is about US$ 370 to US$ 520.

According to the study of MDPI, many big airlines, such as British Airways and Qantas, try to improve the quality of airline meals to attract more customers. Singapore Airlines will probably promote the plant-based options to economy class once Impossible Foods lowers its price. In short, Singapore Airlines starts promoting plant-based meat as part of being the top airline in Asia. Soon, more airlines will follow this trend and launch plant-based meat alternatives on their flights.

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